Handmade Greek Christian Orthodox Wood-Metallic icon of Saint Paisios The Athonite (24 X 19cm or 9.4 X 7.5 in) Solid Wood

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Metallic and Wooden Greek Orthodox icon of Saint Paisios the Athonite,Length:24CM or 9.4 IN Width:19CM or 7.4 IN.The images are created in the laboratory are copies of Byzantine icons in aged style in colors and wood. In the final step of generating the image, is coated with a special varnish and beeswax for durability, and aromatic oil (myrrh) . All the icons are unique and original, in high quality made by hand. All images are guaranteed for life while at the rear there is a certificate.
Saint Paisios the Athonite (24 X 19cm or 9.4 X 7.5 in)
Metallic and Wooden Greek Orthodox Icon
Handmade from Mt.Athos
Saint Paisios was born in Pharassa, Cappadocia, he was baptized Christian and moved in Greece. From early childhood he had a desire to become a monk. He worked as a carpenter and served in the army as a radio broadcaster. He lived in Mount Athos in 1949, where he eventually passed away on July 12, 1994. Saint Paisios celebrates on July 12th. Read more for Saint Paisios here

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