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The icons are hand-embroidered with Czech beads, rhinestones made of mountain crystal, pearls, and semi-precious stones. The arched kiot is made of solid wood. The icon is under glass, which protects the image from UV rays, dust, and moisture. The frame insert is a grapevine made of sculptural plaster. The face is printed. The face corresponds to the Orthodox iconographic canons. All icons come with a certificate and in branded packaging. On the back of the icon is a metal suspension fitting. The workshop uses only high-quality natural materials for finishing, special paints, and protective agents for printing faces. Crafted using time-honored techniques and premium materials, our Orthodox Icons are more than just decorative pieces; they are sacred objects that inspire devotion and contemplation. Each icon is imbued with symbolism and spiritual significance, serving as a focal point for prayer, meditation, and spiritual reflection. Whether you are seeking to adorn your home, place of worship, or spiritual sanctuary, our Orthodox Icons offer a timeless expression of faith and a connection to the divine. Choose from a diverse range of sizes, styles, and subjects, each reflecting the profound beauty and depth of Orthodox Christian spirituality. Elevate your devotional practice and surround yourself with the transcendent beauty of our Orthodox Icons, a cherished addition to any sacred space.
Fill / Materialbeads, pearls, natural stones
Dimensions9 х 7.5” (23 х 19 cm)
Blessed in the Diveyevo Convent

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