Monastery Icons Wedding at Cana Mounted Plaque Icon Reproduction 11″ x 14″

Price: $59.95
(as of May 02, 2024 17:48:41 UTC – Details)

At the behest of the Blessed Mother, Jesus performs His first public miracle at the wedding feast in Cana, where He transforms water into wine. Our Wedding at Cana icon is a very popular gift alike to Eastern Orthodox and Catholic worshippers for weddings.
Since 1981 the works of iconographer Brother Simeon Davis have inspired a renaissance in sacred Christian art in America. His unique combination of classic style, radiant and fresh colors, and English text has touched the hearts of Christians looking for traditional style iconographic artwork of their most beloved sacred themes. His work now adorns churches, homes, and schools throughout the world, where the faithful have found them “a joy to behold and an invaluable aid in encouraging holiness,” as Father David L. of Washington writes.
Since we began offering reproductions of the Monastery Icons collection in 1981 it has been a challenge to reproduce the gold leaf backgrounds of our original icons. But a new photo technology called Lumina Gold has solved this problem.
Not only does Lumina gold restore matching simulated gold leaf backgrounds to all our icon plaques and prints, but has the added benefit of producing deeper, richer colors and sharper detail – a stunning transformation that brings all our icon panels closer to the vivid beauty of our original paintings.
All the sacred art icon plaques in the Monastery Icons Collection are made with our exclusive Lumina Gold process, with deep, rich colors and simulated gold leaf backgrounds
Mounted on wood and key-holed for convenient hanging, with non-glare satin lamination with a durable, washable surface
All of our sacred art panels are made in the USA, with UV protective vinyl coating for long-lasting color fidelity
High-quality reproductions of original art painted in the classical Byzantine style of iconography, popular alike to the Eastern Orthodox, Catholics and other traditional Christians
Ideal for churches and chapels, and for individual and family prayer and devotions, and home altars and shrines. Our Wedding at Cana icon is a very popular gift for weddings, and his icon is the perfect inspirational wall décor for home or office. And icons make the best gifts for those who enjoy sacred beauty

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